Jawai Leopard Reserve

Jawai Leopard Reserve is one of those lesser-known gems that truly take you by surprise. It has become one of the few places where you get to the wildlife in a different environment. Here, you get to see cave-dwelling leopards in the granite hills of Jawai. Because of this different tract, sighting solitary cats becomes easier than ever. At this place, you get to see a very harmonious bond between humans and leopards.

Leopards and humans have been existing in Jawai for a very long time and there hasn’t been a single incident of human-animal conflict here. Occasionally, the big cats hunt the livestock of the locals, but the latter regard the former are venerable and guard their deity. They don’t mind losing a few cattle to leopards and the big cats are surprisingly well-behaved when they are around human beings.

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Best Places to Visit in Jawai Bandh Rajasthan

Besides the wildlife, Jawai has many other attractions that can keep you engaged. It hosts many temples in its hilly terrain and some beautiful vantage points that let you observe the beauty of this entire region. Here are all the tourist attractions that you get to see at this wonderful place.

Dev Giri Temple

The structure of this temple looks like it has been carved out of a granite hill. Its location is panoramic and it is made for religious as well as adventurous people. Both the ascent and descent to the temple are breathtaking experiences as you get to see a vast tract all around you. It is a shrine that fills you with spiritual as well as courageous feelings.

Kambeshwar Mahadev Temple

Situated at a distance of only 11kms, this temple can be easily reached by vehicle in a short duration. Again, this temple is set right amidst the hills and it imparts the same swashbuckling thrill. If you are visiting in the month of November, you’ll get a chance at the lively annual fair which gives you a sneak peek into the local culture.

Abhinav Mahaveer Dham

To reach this beautiful site, you just need to travel a meager distance of 8km. Like many other Jain temples, this one is also an epitome of architectural excellence. Here, you can also find solitude and spend some meditating and observing the culture. It is a beautiful structure that helps you see and experience many things together.

Ranakpur Jain Temple

Another majestic shrine that is 54.2 km far from Jawai and takes you only 1 hour and 30 minutes to reach. This temple is a true stunner and exhibits finesse in Jain architecture. It is known for having some astounding marble carvings inside and outside and attracts thousands of tourists each year. If you’re visiting Jawai, it’s definitely worth including this location in your itinerary.


After seeing the rocky terrain of Jawai, you might be willing to witness wildlife in a verdant environment too. If that’s your mood, then can need to spend 3 hours in a vehicle to here. You can enjoy an amazing safari and visit the fortress that is located right in the middle of the jungle. You may also be interested in some local attractions like Hammeripal lake and Parshuram Temple here.

Timing and Charges for Jawai Leopard Safari

In Jawai, a leopard sighting is a quintessential experience that you cannot afford to miss. To make it even more special, it is a must that you the safari at the right time when the animals are out looking for food or water. Thankfully, the rangers of Jawai know the habits of the species here really well and take them to the precise locations where these splendid creatures can be captured in your camera easily. Besides the leopards, you also see a large variety of migratory birds, crocodiles, and many other wild animals that you witness in the wilderness.

Most of the resorts here have the same timings of safari which facilitate the sighting and tracing of leopards.

Summer Season: Morning- 5:00AM to 8:00AM; Evening- 5:00PM to 8:00PM
Winter Season: Morning- 6:00PM to 9:00AM; Evening- 4:00PM to 7:00PM
Jawai Dam Safari: Morning- 8:00AM to 10:00AM

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How to Reach Jawai Bandh Rajasthan

Just because it is a remote place don’t assume that reaching Jawai is hard for you, it is absolutely not. Jawai is well-connected through rail and road and the nearest airports are at a distance of few hours. Check out this guide to choose your preferred route.

Via Road

From Udaipur- If you have taken this route, you reach Jawai while passing through Gongunda, Pindwara, and Nana.

From Mount Abu- If you are coming through this route, then you will go through the same locations.

From Jaipur- If you are coming from Jaipur, then you’ll go through Kishangarh, Ajmer, Beawar, Sojat, Pali, and Sumerpur.

From Jodhpur- If you are coming from Jodhpur, then the distance would be curtailed and you will only go through Pali and Sumerpur.

From Kumbhalgarh- If you are coming through this location, you go through Jetaran, Ahmedabad, Mundra, and Lunawa.

Check out the distance from the nearest locations:-

  • Sumerpur – 24km
  • Mount Abu – 94km
  • Udaipur – 136km
  • Ahmedabad – 280km
  • Kumbhalgarh – 86km
  • Jodhpur – 165km
  • Jaipur – 396km
  • Delhi – 661km
  • Mumbai – 801km

Via Train

If you prefer to travel by train, then you have 3 destinations that bring you closer to Jawai. The nearest station is Mori Bera (MOI) is only 4km far we have Jawai Bandh which is 15km far from the hinterland and the remaining is Falna lies at a distance of 35km.

Some major cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Jaipur, Udaipur, and Ahmedabad have trains coming to this place on a periodic basis.

  • Mori Bera (MOI) Railway Station – 4km
  • Jawai Bandh (JWB) Railway Station – 15km
  • Falna (FA) Railway Station – 35km

Via Air

If airplanes are your preferred mode of travel then you get to cover a larger part of your journey through the air for coming to Jawai. You can reach the nearest destinations which are Ahmedabad, Udaipur, Jodhpur, Jaipur, and Delhi. From there, you can hire a taxi or a luxury bus that can take your Jawai easily and comfortably.

  • Jodhpur Airport – 170km
  • Udaipur Airport – 149km
  • Ahmedabad Airport – 270km
  • Jaipur Airport – 400km
  • Delhi Airport – 650 km

Best Time to Visit Jawai Bandh, Rajasthan

Jawai is known for the easy sighting of leopards, crocodiles, and birds throughout the year. The unique tract and climatic conditions keep the species out of their habitat quite often and hunting for food is something that never stops. Thus, you don’t think twice before planning a tour of this place.

Having said that, there are certain months in which the probability of seeing leopards is more than that of others. If you come to Jawai between the months of September and March, the safari tour can be more adventurous and wonderful.

At Jawai, you get to see an uncanny bond between the humans and the leopards. The denizens of this place regard leopards as the guards of their deity and the big cats seem to reciprocate their belief. No matter which month you choose to visit this place, you always have this harmonious relationship between humanity and wildlife here.

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are various other places that you can visit near Jawai Bandh such as Dev Giri Temple, Jawai Hills, Kambeshwar Mahadev Temple, and Abhinav Mahavir Dam. Ranakpur and Kumbhalgarh.
Jawai Leopard Reserve is a hilly as well as the plain region. Due to this spotting of leopards could be done at any time of the year. However, the most feasible time is during the winter months when the weather will be pleasant.
The morning safari starts at around 5 AM and the evening safari starts at 4 PM. Each safari will be conducted for around 3 to 4 hours.
The chances of witnessing a leopard in Jawai would be 99.9% throughout the year. There are around 65 leopards in Jawai which increases your chances of seeing them. Our drivers of gypsy are well connected to each other and they also know this place very well. They will take you to such locations only where you can easily spot these big cats such as near caves and water bodies.
You can book a safari at Jawai Leopard Safari through our website as we offer customized tour packages to this appealing destination where you can experience the wildlife in a totally innovative manner.
Yes, it is very much safe to visit Jawai Bandh for experiencing wildlife.
You should carry binoculars, shoes, a hat, light clothes, and some ready-to-eat food such as dry fruits and water bottles. If you are having a DSLR camera, you should carry that also otherwise the close shots with your mobile camera will also be a good option.
Typically the ideal time to finish the jungle safari at Jawai Leopard Reserve would be 3 to 4 hours. However, your duration can increase if you spend more time exploring the place and collecting memories by clicking more pictures.
Nearly 6-7 people can get accommodated in 1 gypsy during the Jawai Leopard Safari.

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