Tadoba National Park

Situated in the Chandrapur district of Maharashtra, Tadoba is the state’s largest and the oldest national park. It is officially known as Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve which is a combined name for Tadoba National Park and Andhari Wildlife Sanctuary. The combined name was originated in 1955 when these two wildlife bodies were amalgamated. Since then it is known by the new name.

Being a union of two different reserves, this wildlife entity surprises the tourists with many attractions. It amuses the tourists and helps them get familiar with the ecosystem of this region. It allows you to see a large number of splendid animals and covers the area of Kolsa and Moharli range along with Chimur hills. In this reserve, you get to see some wonderful flora as well and get totally spellbound.

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Places To Visit When You’re At Taboda

One can do a lot more things when you are at tadoba. Like many other wildlife spots, this one is also surrounded by many places that are worth exploring. There are many places that can surprise you with their appearance.

Also, you get to see this wonderful region that has so many things to offer.

Irai Lake

This is a wonderful and sizable water body that also has a dam on it. There is a boating facility here that lets you explore the beauty of this place. Also, it is a great place to do bird-watching and photography. You can see a huge variety of migratory birds here.

You can also enjoy boating here and get to feel the real adrenaline easily. The cool breeze at the time of doing the visit is truly amazing and you can do a lot more than sightseeing. The overall significance of visiting this lake is amazing you feel it when you come here.

Taboda Lake

You have one more water body that lets you do many things. You can enjoy gazing at many types of birds such as Indian Pitta, Indian rollers, paradise flycatchers, oriental honey buzzards, white-eye buzzards, etc. Also, you can crocodiles, wild dogs, and deers.

This is also a place where you can enjoy leisurely walks without the fear of a wild encounter. You can totally enjoy the visit to this place and capture some thrilling moments on your phone. The park gives you many chances to feel the adventure.


Moharli is another zone where you get a glimpse of thriving wildlife. It lies at a distance of 6.9km from the taboda region and a safari jeep can take you over there. Watching the sunset at this place is specifically a very amazing experience as per the guides.

Also, you get to see the peaceful environment and explore the regions with subtlety as well. You get to see many types of flora and fauna while seeing a large variety of birds. The overarching advantages never cease here and you explore various things easily.


Another zone that mesmerizes you with its beauty and lets you see much more than you can expect. At this place, you get familiar with many creatures other tigers and could observe them from a close distance. There is a village nearby that goes by the same name.

You can visit the village and see how people live near the wildlife. Before making it to your destination, you should know that there are plenty of things to explore. You can have a wonderful experience while getting a glimpse of what they call as “Jewel of Vidharbha’

Taboda Village

The taboda village itself is a wonderful place that allows you to see many wonderful things. You can even do some elaborate shopping and get some artefacts made by the locals here. Also, you can meet the locals and know about their experience of wildlife.

You can listen to some very interesting tales and totally mesmerized by the co-existence of humans and animals. After coming to this place, you get to know about things that matter to these people. You see how they make a living and get things going for them.


This place has a historical significance and anyone coming to Taboda must visit this serene Ashram. Located at a distance of 122km from Taboda, this palace was established by Mahatma Gandhi. Originally, it was land owned by one of Bapu’s followers, Seth Jamnalal Bajaj.

He offered this land to Gandhi and it was turned into a hospice that gave refuge to many people. A few years later, it also employed some Harijans in the common kitchen to remove the caste barriers. Today, there are two prominent colleges for engineering and medical science running after its name.

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Mahakali Temple (Chandrapur)

Chandrapur is popularly known for its coal reserves and a high-capacity thermal power station. But for tourists, this place gives a religious offering too and is just 50.6km far from Taboda. You can visit the Mahakali temple here and spend some time peacefully while observing the goddess.

A large number of visitors come to this temple on a daily basis. There are two more temples dedicated to Hanuman and Ganesha inside the premises. Also, you get to do many things that totally make you more devotional and spiritual from within.


If you are coming to Taboda, you might be interested to come to this beautiful city that is 333km away from Taboda. There are many attractions here such as Vivekanand Ashram, Doodhadhari Museum, Mahant Ghasidas Memorial Museum, and Guru Tegh Bahadur Museum.

Also, the city has been maintained really well and you feel amazed while visiting the places here. It has also emerged as a hub for the biotechnology, manufacturing, and IT sector which has resulted in growing infrastructure and decent places to stay.

Raigarh Fort

It is popularly known as the “Gibraltor of East” and lets you see some magnificent monuments build in the Maratha Empire. It is 629km away from Taboda and not just a place for history lovers, but for everyone. The lofty pillars remind of the grandeur that the kings and queens of that time experienced.

This fort was built by the legendary Maratha king Shivaji. It has a very popular spot that is called “Hirakani Buruj” that is built over a huge cliff. The mountain on which the fort is built is a part of the Sahyadri range and is situated above 820 meters of sea level.

Vijaydurg Fort

Wildlife reserves always have forts or palaces in their vicinity. Taboda gives you a chance to encounter a couple of them too. Vijaydurg fort is situated at the mouth of the Vaghotan river. Initially, it was called Gheri as it was surrounded by sea on three sides.

The fort is built by laterite stones is admired for its grandeur is 989km away from Taboda. Since it’s located near the river, the tourists also get a chance to do boating here. The charisma of the monument can be observed with just a glimpse and it helps you see many things too.

Nagzira Wildlife Sanctuary

Nagzira lies at a distance of 167km from Taboda and is considered very important for retaining the biodiversity of the land. Moreover, it allows you to see many scenic landscapes that help you see the conservation efforts. It enables you to admire nature.

It is totally a gem of nature that allows you to enjoy the serenity of the place. It also helps you see great vegetation along with a variety of flora and fauna. From the point of view of conservation, this wildlife reserve has done a great job and it doesn’t fail to amaze you.

Pench National Park

At a distance of 256 km lies another national park that stuns you with its wildlife. Once you come here, you see some marvellous mammals, ravishing reptiles, and bewitching birds. The park is spread across an area of 758 sq km and gives shelter to many tigers.

It is a major hub for seeing diverse flora and fauna. At the same time, you see things that totally amaze you and give you high possibilities of spotting some splendid creatures. The richness of avifauna species allows you to enjoy bird-watching at any month of the year.

Kanha National Park

Just 322 km away, you get to see another splendid wildlife spot that is full of tigers and other amazing animals. This reserve has a thriving population of Indian wild dogs, sloth bears, leopards and barasinghas along with many types of birds.

Here, the sightseeing experience is simply amazing and you see the magnificence of wildlife with your own eyes. Inside the park, you get to see a famous spot called “Bamani Dadar”. You can see a wonderful sunset from this location and animals in their habitat.

Navegaon National Park

Located at a distance of 171km, this national park with a mesmerizing lake. At this place, you are able to see plenty of birds, and other mammals here. It is also known as Dr Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary and serves as a repository of several medicinal plants.

At this site, you are able to see many creatures in action and get so many snaps of them too. For nature lovers, this is truly a great place where you can see a lot while capturing them. Since it has a major water body, you also get a chance to visit the dam structure.

Best Time To Visit Taboda National Park

If you want to have a lovely experience of safari with fair chances of spotting tiger then you must visit the park in the months of December and January. But if you want the highest probability of spotting tigers then the hotter months of April to May are the best.

Safari Timings

Morning – 6:00AM to 10:00AM ( entry allowed till 8:00AM)

Afternoon – 3:00PM to 6:00PM ( entry allowed till 4:30PM)

Note: Taboda is one of the few wildlife sanctuaries are open even in the monsoon season.

  • April to June– Best time for spotting tigers
  • July to September– Not recommended for tourists as the sighting remains scarce
  • October to March– Advised to doing safari as the weather remains pleasant with fair chances of sighting

Here’s the detailed charts for booking

Booking in 4 to 59 Days
Fees Monday to Friday Saturday & Sunday
Entry Fees Rs 1000 Rs 2000
Guide Fees Rs 350 Rs 350
Gypsy Fees Rs 3000 Rs 3000
Processing Fees Rs 75 Rs 75
Total Rs 4425 Rs 5425



Booking in 60-120 Days Booking in 1-3 Days
Monday to Friday Saturday & Sunday Monday to Sunday
Rs 4000 Rs 8000 Rs 4000
Rs 350 Rs 350 Rs 350
Rs 3000 Rs 3000 Rs 3000
Rs 75 Rs 75 Rs 75
Rs 7425 Rs 11425 Rs 7425


Buffer Pricing


Buffer Gate Charges
Booking in 1-120 Days Spot Booking
Entry Fees Rs 1000 Rs 2000
Guide Fees Rs 500 Rs 500
Gypsy Fees Rs 2500 Rs 2500
Processing Fees Rs 75 Rs 75
Total Fees Rs 4075 Rs 4075

Night Safari Pricing


Night Safari
Booking in 1-120 Days
Entry Fees Rs 1500
Guide Fees Rs 500
Gypsy Fees Rs 2000
Processing Fees Rs 75
Total Fees Rs 4075


Full-Day Photography/Videography


Full Day Photography
Indian Tourists Foreign Tourists
Ticket One Online Ticket One Online Ticket
Permission Fee Rs 30,000 Rs 45,000
Guide Fee Rs 1050 Rs 1050
Gypsy Fee Rs 8100 Rs 8100
Camera No Charges No Charges
Total Rs 39, 150 Rs 54, 150


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