Kanha National Park

Kanha National Park also known as Kisli National Park, this astounding wildlife reserve even inspired Rudyard Kipling to write “The Jungle Book.” With a total area of 1067km2, it becomes the largest national park of Madhya Pradesh and central India as well. Besides the Bengal tiger, you also get to see a large number of leopards, dhole, sloth bear, barasingha, and a slew of other mammals, reptiles, birds, and insects.

Kanha becomes home to over 1000 species of flowering plants along with 300 species of birds. With so many species, this national park entices the tourists and allows them to be familiar with the ecosystem of this country. When you are here, you get to see the real dense forests that grab your attention and show you the real picture of the jungle in India, it is one of the best places to see wildlife.

When you are at Kanha, you cannot afford to miss some really amazing places to visit. After experiencing the adventure at this coveted national park, ought to explore the beautiful locations. There are many other natural and manmade sites here that are ready to enthral you.

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Places You Should See When You’re At Kanha

Kanha Museum

If you love to see wildlife, we bet that you’d love to see this place too. At this museum, you are able to see various attractions like the skeletons of animals and various other relics. You would also be able to be familiar with many specimens and photographs.

This museum helps you get totally amazed and lets you get detailed insights. It allows you to understand the ecosystem and lets you gather knowledge about the wildlife. At the same time, you get to enjoy the evening sound shows too.


This little town is famous for many things. The Narmada river surrounds this town from three sides and there are multiple ghats that allow you to enjoy the beauty of this river body. The Rapta ghat and Rangrez ghat are especially famous for their amazing views.

Moreover, the town used to be the capital of the Gondwana kingdom whose palace and fort are now turned into ruins due to lack of care. Besides that, it has been identified as the ancient Mahishmati by many writers of India and Britain.

Kawardha Palace

Located at a distance of 91 km from Kanha, this palace is actually located in the neighbouring state of Chattisgarh. This is a place where you get to see a glimpse of the erstwhile kingdoms of India. The panoramic views of this palace are astounding in nature.

When you explore it further, you get to see the real heritage of India. Also, it allows you to explore the luxury of our royalty in full detail. There are so many attractions at this place and they totally allow you to be familiar with the royal architecture too.


Lying at a distance of 159km, Amarkantak is predominantly known for its religious significance and for being the meeting of the Vindhya and Satpura ranges. Also known as Teerthraj, this is the place from where Narmada, Son, and Johila emerge.

At this same place, you are able to see the Narmada Udgam temple and so many other religious sites such as Sarvodaya Jain Temple and Sri Yantra Mandir. You also get to see many plants and trees that are known for their medicinal properties.


Jabalpur is known for having some very beautiful sites. Some of its attractions involve Dhuandhar falls, Bhedaghat, and Madan Mahal. There 100 feet tall mountains that amuse people with their picturesque appearances.

The other places involve Gwarighat Gurudwara where thousands of devotees come every year to seek the blessings of God. Furthermore, the historical forts and war memorials enhance the beauty of this city. Together, all these sites make it a very beautiful city.

Bandhavgarh National Park

Fortunately, Kanha is located near other wildlife areas and just 215km away, you get to see another major national park. Bandhavgarh is also known for being a shelter for the Royal Bengal Tiger. Also, the biodiversity of this park is amazing and it helps you see many creatures.

When you talk about the topography and the combination of animals you get totally amazed after coming here. You also get a chance to do sightseeing at Bamera dam and Jwalamukhi temple. The places are exceptional at every end and help you see many things.

Bamni Dadar

Popularly known as the sunset point of Kanha, Bamni Dadar is a place where you get familiar with nature’s true beauty. With its captivating sites and natural beauty, this place enthrals and it lies at a distance of 275 km only which can be covered in a couple of hours.

In the British Era, this place was a take-off site from where they used to take flights for birdwatching and recreation. You also get a glimpse of wildlife here and get to see Indian bison, spotted deer, barking deer, as well.


The only hill station of Madhya Pradesh is just 300 km from Kanha and is indeed unique. At this location, you get to see ancient caves of the Buddhist era and some scenic vistas too. It is famously known as “Queen of Satpura”

It is one of the treasured sites in the state and allows you to see various spots with ease. The beauty of this place helps you praise nature’s beauty and lets you be totally enthralled. It gives you a chance to see the panoramic sites with ease.

Panna National Park

Another place where you get to see the wildlife closely and it is just 315 km away from Kanha National Park. Here, you get to see many wildlife species including the sloth bear, tiger, leopard, wolf, hyena, etc. The reptiles and avifauna are also found in abundance here.

It is home to 200 species of migratory birds that include antelopes and felines. The outstanding attributes of this place are not just limited to wildlife, you also witness some mindblowing sights. You can capture some momentous stills with your camera and smartphone.

Ajaygarh Fort

It will take you very little time to reach this place that lies just 37 km away from Panna. It might look like ruins to you, but when you start exploring you get amazed by seeing the sheer beauty of this place and helps you observe old rocks.

For people who love nature as well as historical monuments, this place is a must-visit. Named after the streams of Ganga and Yamuna, this place continues to amaze visitors. It helps you see an amazing historical fort that encapsulates many things in it.

Raneh Falls

From Kanha, it is 370 km and once you see it, the distance and efforts you put to reach here don’t bother you at all. The fact that it is near Khajuraho makes this place more attractive for tourists. If you’re coming to the temple, you don’t want to miss this location.

This is a place where you get to do a rendezvous with nature. The crystalline and granite stones, as well as the water, help you get totally amazed. It is located at Ken River, the water is 30m deep and it helps you see an amazing precipice.


This is already very popular and if you’re coming to Kanha, you may be interested to see the erotic sculptures of this temple. The overall architecture of this shrine compels you to think about the sheer intelligence of the artisans of the Chandela Dynasty.

Built between 885 AD and 1050 AD, these sculptures allow you to praise the nagara style of art. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that comprises 25 temples spread across an area of 6 sq/km. It is considered very expressive art that impresses with its intricacy.

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The Right Time To Visit Kanha National Park

If you are truly driven to do tiger spotting then the best time is between April and May. However, bear in mind that is the hottest time of year when the temperature is through the roof at 400C.

At that time, the small and scattered waterholes of the national park are dried and tigers along with many other animals are drawn toward the bigger water bodies. This makes the spotting easier and you may also be lucky to see the game of hunter and prey.

For the ease of doing safari and fair chances of sighting tigers, the winter season (particularly the months of December and January) is recommended for visiting Kanha.

  • July to September– Park is closed due to the rainy season
  • October to November– Water logs can still be there so the chances of a sighting are very less
  • December to February– Pleasant weather makes sighting easy, and chances of spotting are fair
  • March to June– Tiger spotting is easy at this time but you need to be ready to put up with the heat.

👉 Note- Park remains closed on Wednesday

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Frequently Asked Questions

The national park is open for visitors from October to June. The best time to visit Kanha national park is from October to March due to the best climate in the central part of India. Most visitors love to be there in winters (from November to March) as summer’s heat is unbearable. If want a tiger sighting then march and April is the best time as most cat family you can spot during the period.
If you are a nature lover or wildlife fan or history buff, then this place is perfect for you as it is packed with a lot of attractions to fascinate you. Other than Kanha national park there are scores of magnifying places to visit.
The most favorable that one must visit are-
➤Bandhavgarh National Park
➤Pench national park
➤Tadoba national park
➤Mandla (Known for sky-high forts and sacred temples)
➤Amarkantak (also known as Teerthraj)
➤Jabalpur (parcel of bewitching experiences like waterfalls, forts, Ghaat, etc.)
➤Pachmarhi (a hill station also known as ‘Queen of Satpura’)
➤Raneh Falls
➤Khajuraho (a prominent UNESCO World Heritage Site)
All the visitors are required to produce the entry permit and any one of the identity cards (Adhar Card, Voter ID, Driving License, PAN Card, Govt. Employee Card, Passport, and Student ID) on demand by the Park Officials for verification at the entry point.
There are more the 500 tigers in Kanha national park and this is the reason it is famous and referred to as one of the finest tiger reserves in the world.

Kanha National Park is situated in the Mandla & Balaghat districts of Madhya Pradesh State in Central India. Kanha has all three connectivity as Air, Road, and train from most parts of India. There are two prime locations of Kanha National park, Khatia & Mukki Entrance gate.

By Air
The Nearest Airports for Kanha National Park are -Jabalpur 160 Km, Raipur 250 Kms & Nagpur 300 km.

By Train
The Nearest Railway Stations for Kanha National Park are Gondia & Jabalpur. Gondia railway station is 145kms from Kanha (Khatia Entrance Gate). Jabalpur railway station is 160kms from Kanha (Mukki Entrance Gate).

By Road
The Kanha National Park is well connected to the major destinations of Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra & Chhattisgarh.

Kanha National Park remains open for visitors from October to June. Safaris are allocated as morning safari and afternoon safari, both have different timings.

The safari timings are:

From 16th October to 15th February morning safari timing remains from sunrise to 11 am and afternoon safari open from 2pm to sunset.

From 16th February to 15th April morning safari timing opens from sunrise to 11 am and afternoon safari opens from 3 pm to sunset.

From 16th April to 30th June morning safari timing opens from sunrise to 10 am and afternoon safari opens from 3:30 pm to sunset.

➤At Kanha afternoon shift of Jeep Safari remains close for visitors Every Wednesday.
➤Morning & Afternoon both the shift remain close on Holi festival (In the month of March)

The National park has astounding alluring beauty of its own. This is one of the most popular places to visit in Madhya Pradesh. Other than this you can spend some time in Raneh Falls and Bamni Dadar and enjoy nature.

Below are some of the must-visit places in Kanha during family vacation –

➤Kanha Museum
➤Kawardha Palace
➤Bandhavgarh National Park
➤Bamni Dadar

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