Pench National Park

Another gem from the state of Madhya Pradesh that provides a quintessential experience to nature lovers. At this wildlife reserve, you get to see a large number of tigers and various other species that help you get familiar with the natural ecosystem. Pench National Park also won the “Best Management Award” and the efforts of the officials are clearly seen in the way everything is managed here.

The park has derived its name from the Pench River that flows right through the park dividing the park into two parts. It also becomes a part of the Satpura Ranges at some points the elevation could reach from 1,394ft to 2,034ft (425m to 620m). It also allows you to appreciate the diverse fauna of the state with a large variety of teak. At this park, you get to see white Kulu aka ‘ghost tree’.

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Things To do When You Are At Pench

When there’s a jungle, there are lots of other things around like hills, rivers, lakes, forts, temples, museums, etc. After visiting Pench national park, you might be interested in exploring some other attractions as well.

Pench gives you a chance to see many other places besides wildlife. Here’s a list of places and things you can visit and indulge in respectively here.

Runi Jhuni Walking Trail

Nothing could be as explorative as a walk into a jungle. Runi Jhuni walking trail is a place where you can explore a lot of things with ease. It spans a stretch of 3 to 4 km and lets you experience some thrilling moments.

This place gives you a perfect opportunity to see the beautiful flora and fauna of this area. The overall experience of this place enthrals you totally, it also helps you get closer to the ecosystem that helps you feel adventure closely. It also makes you more observant about nature.

Rukhad Cycling Excursion

A cycling excursion is totally a unique experience. Not only does it give you a chance to explore the wildlife, but it also fills you with adventure. At this place, anyone can experience the fun of cycling and have plenty of fun while spotting many animals.

The expedition is fully planned and starts at 8 am in the morning and covers a distance of 22 km. It ends at Sakata Forest where the riders can have lunch and take a rest. On the ride, they get a chance to see many types of birds and other mammals.

Tribal Bazaar & Haat

In the surrounding villages, you get to see many handcrafted items created by the local villagers. You can visit one of the places when they organize a haat or marketplace for selling their goods. You can get totally mesmerized by seeing their talent.

From the small decorative items to ornate jewellery made with ordinary things, you get to see everything here. Also, you are able to see many things that amaze you from within. You are able to get such artefacts at a very low and encourage them to grow with their art.

Night Safari

You can enjoy a night safari as well in some selected areas with private service providers. It is totally a mesmerizing experience as you get to see many nocturnal species such as snakes, spiders, civets, owls, jungle cats, spiders, and frogs.

In the darkness, the jungle becomes an active ground for predators and the fun of watching these creatures is totally amazing. While observing wildlife in the darkness, you get to capture some thrilling moments with your camera.

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Bhedaghat is located at just a distance of 6 hours drive and it is one of the hidden gems in Madhya Pradesh. The place is known for its picturesque rock cliffs and waterfalls. It is a place that will be enjoyed by every individual, it’s totally a great place to take breathtaking snaps.

You get to see the beautiful hills made of white marble. Some also call it mini-Niagara falls and can’t disagree after seeing this place. Once you come here, you get to see the real natural beauty of Madhya Pradesh that gets unfolded in a majestic manner.

Kanha National Park

For nature lovers, exploration and expedition are two neverending activities. Thus, it is quite possible that many of you will be interesting to come to Kanha national park. You will have to do a 4-hour road journey to come to this amazing wildlife reserve.

With 940 sq km of total area, this park shows you many species that totally enthral you. Also, one might get more intrigued about this park after knowing that this is one of the wildlife reserves that inspired Rudyard Kipling to write the “Jungle Book”.


Sanchi is a renowned destination and is one of the oldest Buddhist monuments in India. Once you come to this place, you get to see the richness of the ancient architecture. It was built in the 3rd century BC and shows you the heritage of Indian culture.

It is 300km far from Pench national park and you reach here in just a few hours travelling via highways. While witnessing. It is an ideal tourist destination that shows you the beauty of Indian architecture before it got influenced by the Mughals or British.


You might have never heard of this place and it is certainly one of the hidden gems of India. The greenery of this place gets complimented by the lake and it also gives you a chance to do trekking. It’s a place where you do camping and does all sorts of adventurous activities.

It is one of the places where you can see a lot of travellers observing nature and spending time in solitude. It is that kind of destination that enables you to come closer to mother earth and yourself. You must come here once and feel the extreme closeness to the earth.


This is a perfect destination for weekend trips, you get to see sizable water bodies, ghats and temples. The greenery of this place is totally sublime and it’s famous for its religious significance too. It is believed that Lord Rama stayed at this small hamlet during this exile.

Being a historical site, it lets you see many things and is just 60km from Pench. It lets you feel pleasant and perfectly at peace. You also get to see a glimpse of Indian architecture through the temples and other structures. If you’re coming to the park, try to include it in your itinerary.


Not only it’s the only hill station in Madhya Pradesh, but it also gives you a chance to see some picturesque landscapes and various other attractions. There are so many caves and waterfalls to see here. It can totally rejuvenate your mood and gives you a great time.

Hills stations in India have always been associated with snow and altitude. This is a destination that lets you see greenery, lots of water, and many other things. You get to see some major attractions like Jata Shankar Cave, Dhoopgarh, Bee Falls, Pandava Cave, and Dhoopgarh.

Tadoba National Park

Here’s some more wildlife if Pench has piqued your interest and you want to explore the animals more. It is 225 km from Pench and allows you to see more tigers, other mammals, birds, insects, reptiles, and trees. It is a quaint little place that’s a heaven for wildlife lovers.

Like our prime destination, this wildlife reserve also doesn’t fail in satisfying your requirements. Tadoba helps see many other animals that bemuse you with natural traits. This place totally amuses you with its greenery and other aspects of the environment.


Famous for being the only place in Maharashtra where you can find coffee plantations, Chikhaldara shows you many other attractions. It mesmerizes you with high hills and verdant landscapes while giving you a better prospect in your life.

While giving you better places to visit, this place also lets you be familiar with coffee plantations. It is 300 km far from Pench and helps you see the environment closely. Once you are here, you get to see locations such as Gwaligarh fort, Bhimkund, Narnala Fort, and Muktagiri.


By just having a glimpse of this place, you’ll know why it’s so famous. Lonar is well-known for its crater lake that was formed about 50,000 years ago when a meteorite hit the spot and left a colossal dent that has been transformed into a giant lake.

It is a saltwater lake that shows the force of nature and its splendour at the same time. It is a perfect destination for weekend getaways and is a place where you see plenty of basaltic rocks too. It is a very significant place for scientific research as well.


Visiting a pilgrimage is a great idea when you’re going out to see nature and other attractions. Shirdi is a prominent temple dedicated to Sai Baba and is visited by thousands of visitors every year. For those who seek spirituality, this is a perfect place and is just a 10hour drive away.

This place rekindles the feeling of divinity in you and helps you be optimistic in life. While being significant from a religious viewpoint, it also amazes you with its picture-perfect location. The whole premises is built in a very planned manner and makes the “Darshan” very special.

Best Time To Visit Pench National Park

Different seasons let you see different aspects of wildlife. The winter makes the safari pleasant, but summer gives you a better chance of spotting animals. Thus, you need to be very choosy in terms of months.

October to February- Pleasant weather, apt for doing safari with fair chances of tiger spotting

March to June- Best chances of spotting tigers and other animals, but the scorching sun could be unbearable to many.

July to September- Park is closed as rainfall makes the tracks impassable for vehicles

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Frequently Asked Questions

From the month of November to February is the best time to visit Pench national park as weather become pleasant during the season and it doubles the fun with astounding scenery views also all the zones remains open during this period.

You can any one of three routes to reach Pench National Park that is By Air, By Train or By road.

By Air- Nearest airport is Nagpur Airport. Distance from Nagpur to Pench is 100 km, you can hire any taxi to catch the destination.

By Train– Nagpur Railway Station in the nearest one, after reaching here you can hire any taxi or cab or take any local bus to reach Pench.

By Road- You can take bus for Nagpur from any of city and hire taxi after reaching Nagpur, for Pench.

There are seven zones in Pench national park namely Khursapur, Sillari, Wolf Sanctuary, Rukhad, Jamatra, Karmajhiri and Touria.
To book your Jungle Safari in Pench National Park, visit https://snaptours.in/ . You can book any safari as per your choice and availability with snaptours agent.

There are sundry things to do for a nature lover. Most admirable are-

Jungle safari, Night Safari, Camping, Bird Watching, Stargazing, Visit nearby village Haat, Cycling, Runi Jhuni Nature Walk, Visit Potter’s Village at Pachdhar and most importantly feel the nature and wild life, this will really add charm to your trip.

Best places near Pench National Park are-

Bandhavgarh National Park, Kanha National Park, Nagzira National Park, Tadoba National Park, Shiva Temple, Mahakaleshwar Mandir, and Bug crowed Gateway tour.

Presently there are about 50 Bengal tigers residing in the woodland of park’s region. Other than tigers, Pench Park also has different species of mammals, reptiles and amphibians.

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