Sariska National Park

Located in the Alwar district of Rajasthan, Sariska National Park nature loves with an extensive area and diverse forest. In this tiger reserve, you get to see a large number of other species too and it keeps you engaged throughout the safari. This park is one of the most alluring destinations for tourists who come to visit Rajasthan. It helps you get a glimpse of the forest that comes under the Aravalli Range.

Sariska gives you a chance to see a biodiverse area that consists of rocky hills, grasslands, scrub-thorn, and dry deciduous forests. It allows you to be familiar with an ecosystem that includes a large number of species. It is also very well-connected to the other cities of the state through roads and rail. Besides the Bengal tiger, it lets you see various other splendid animals that make your tour perfectly memorable.

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Best Places To Visit Sariska Tiger Reserve

Sariska Palace

One look at this structure and you will get a glimpse of the royalty. The palace is a true epitome of elegant architecture that soothes your eyes with its simplicity and grandeur. When founded in 1892, it was a hunting lodge for Maharaja Sawai Jai Sing. Like many other royal palaces in India, this one has also been converted into a 5-star heritage hotel.

Kankwari Fort

Though it looks more like ruins, it still retains the status of a fort and holds historical significance too. It was originally built by Maharaja Jai Singh and was later captured by the Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb.

This is the place where the latter kept his brother Dara Shikoh captured for his entire lifetime. Besides that, the fort is full of lush green vegetation that draws many animals toward it.

Hanuman Temple

Most of the national parks in India have historical temples as well and Sariska makes no difference in that respect. It is a small hamlet called Pandupol which is believed to be the site where Pandavas stayed during their exile.

The temple, however, is dedicated to Lord Hanuman and it attracts thousands of devotees every year. Besides the temple, you get to see a 40ft long waterfall, and lush landscapes that add more adventure to your tour.

Siliserh Lake

A moderately vast water body along with hills and forests usually becomes a tourist spot. Siliserh is a typical example of that which was established in 1845. It is a manmade lake that spans seven kilometers and becomes a major source of water supply for many areas in the Alwar district.

For locals, it is a place where they can enjoy some refreshing with their families and friends. You can also enjoy boating and other activities while seeing a skerrick of the massive Aravalli range.

Bhangarh Fort

You have most likely heard the name of this location. Bhangarh is known as one of the most haunted places in India. As per the legend, the fort was cursed by a black magician and since then, the spirits of locals have been haunting this place since the 17th century.

Entry is prohibited in the evening so you must come in the morning or noon to observe the ruins. Abounded by sprawling vegetation, the ghosted ruins turn into a very beautiful landscape in the rainy season.

Neelkantha Mahadev Temple

For the religious Hindus, this place is obviously of great importance. The grandeur, as well as the architecture of the temple, is somewhat similar to those of the Khajuraho temple.

The temple structure is ancient and can be considered ruins but it still attracts a large number of devotees. You can offer prayers and have some respite from in this old and remote place. It is suitable for having some escape from your daily hustle.

Kesroli Hill Fort

The erstwhile fort boasts of arched verandahs, turrets, and ramparts. It was erected by the Yaduvanshi Rajputs in the 14th century and has now been turned into a heritage hotel. Here, you get to see the iconic Rajputana architecture that combines many styles.

It is set on the top of the hill so you get to see a breathtaking scene of the surrounding area too. If you’re coming to Sariska and interested in seeing architectural marvels of the old era, then come to this place.

Bhartrihari Nath Temple

It is one of the temples in India that are dedicated to a saint. Yogi Bhartrihari Nath was a king before he renounced his title, comfortable life, and embraced asceticism. This temple is reminiscent of his conviction toward religion, spirituality, and humanity.

Also, the shrine allows you to see glorious architecture that includes mandapas, carved shikhara, and wide galleries too. Every year, an annual fair is organized which is visited by thousands of people in the Hindu month of Bhadrapada.

Stargate Observatory

The Stargate Observatory has become one of the few places in India that encourage Astro-tourism. At this place, you get the chance to look at some of the most beautiful constellations, nebula, galaxies, and other celestial bodies.

Stargazing is a unique experience and it is not only meant for science lovers and students. It is a very unique thing to do for every individual and must be done at least once in your lifetime.

Naldeshwar Temple

There are many temples in India that are located on hills and they become much more than a mere religious places to visit. Naldeshwar temple is one such location that is known for being a famous shrine of lord shiva and lets you see some stunning vistas too.

Besides getting the blessings from Lord Shiva, you also get a chance to spend some time in the serene environment here. It also has 2 ponds and becomes a favorite location for trekkers and thrill-seekers. You must visit this temple if you are visiting Sariska for having some adventure.

Garbhaji Waterfall

At a distance of 7 km from Siliserh lake, Garbhaji falls do not fail to impress anyone. The cascading waterfall amuses the spectators and you can spend hours sitting here and looking at the natural stream that flows with milky-white water.

It is also one of the best locations to spend the whole day with your friends or family in a typical picnic setting. The beauty of this place is palpable and one can feel it after coming here. Nature-lover or not, it is a must-see place if you are visiting Sariska.

Moosi Maharani Ki Chhatri

The historical place is named after the Moosi Maharani who was the king’s mistress in the early 19th century. After the king’s death, she performed Sati and immolated herself willingly. Since then, this cenotaph is known by its name and is a place to notice the architecture.

The murals of the structure are full of exquisite floral tracery and patterns. Also, the colorful ceiling reminds o the quintessential art of that era. It contains the motifs of so many mythological characters and their fables. Besides that, the footsteps of Maharaja and Maharani Moosi have been carved and kept carefully inside the monument.

Best Time To See Sariska Tiger Reserve

Like the other parks, Sariska does get closed in the rainy season as it coincides with the breeding time of tigers and the forest tracks are also very unsafe. However, the tourists who want to visit the Pandupol Hanuman temple can certainly access that particular area inside the forest.

The recommended months for tiger sightseeing are between October to June. That’s when the weather facilitates long and comprehensive tours. The winter could be little freezing but it could be more bearable than the scorching summer for many people.

Between these months, you also get to see plenty of migratory birds. There are about 225 species of birds that you can see here, so for the birdwatchers, this place is heaven at this particular time of the year.

July to September – Park remains closed

October-November – Temperature is moderate and apt for safari

December to February – Temperatures are freezing at the nights

March to June – Days can get pretty hot, but spotting animals gets easier

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Sariska Tiger Reserve Safari Timing Chart

Months Morning Evening
From 1 Oct to 31 Oct 06:30 AM – 10:00 AM 02:30 PM – 06:00 PM
From 1 Nov to 31 Jan 07:00 AM – 10:00 AM 02:00 PM – 05:30 PM
From 1 Feb to 31 Mar 06:30 AM – 10:00 AM 02:30 PM – 06:00 PM
From 1 Apr to 15 May 06:00 AM – 09:30 AM 03:00 PM – 06:30 PM
From 16 May to 30 June 06:00 AM – 09:30 AM 03:30 PM – 07:00 PM

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Important Things to Know Before Sariska Safari Booking


1. Prior Confirmed Bookings

Sariska National Park is a national heritage park for the preservation of tigers and other wildlife species. It remains busy throughout the tourist season. March–June is the best season to tour Sariska. October–November offers a cooler-weather safari season.

2. Consult for the Best Tour Dates

While choosing any date is just as good, making consultations with park tour operators adds a layer of fascination. Sariska National Park gives tourists the best seasons and months to see the animals. March–June is relatively hot, but it’s the best time to see the tigers. July–September: The park is closed.

3. Mind the Safari and Tour Durations and Timings

Each tour itinerary is set for a specific duration and timing. Timings are usually twice a day in the park, morning and afternoon, subject to revision, weather permitting.

Durations are the total time spent in the national park per day. Tourists are again cautioned to keep a close watch on the durations and timings for each tour slot. Sariska tours usually last 3–4 hours for both morning and afternoon sessions.

4. Photography and Filming

There are currently no restrictions on photography. Extended filming may be subject to respect for the animal’s freedoms and park conservation efforts. Again, exercise caution and strictly follow park guidelines regarding the same.

5. Sariska National Park Guidelines

As a national park established to save and propagate the royal Bengal tigers, there are rules to follow within the park. You can get the same as you book your safari date; go online and check Sariska National Park. Be respectful and mindful of all park regulations. Respect nature and be sensitive to the environment.

6. Safety Precautions

In an attempt to keep all tourists safe, you are advised to stick with the tour group to avoid mishaps. The park visits are undertaken by expert tour guides with years of experience. Make all efforts not to make unnecessary loud noises or shouts that may disorient the animals or wildlife. You can enjoy it better if you follow the guide’s lead and advice.

7. Check the seasons. Dress Appropriately

In the national park, shoes and clothing matter. In the hot season, dress in breathable cotton with headgear (hat or cap) and sneakers or boots. Choose with care. In mild weather, light cotton can still work. In cold weather, warm clothing and the appropriate headgear can be vital. India experiences vast seasonal changes. Beware of the clothing aspect. Dress for comfort and functionality in the park rather than style.

8. Small Group or Large Group Tours

There are options for small, medium, and large group tours. This also determines the transportation means in the park. These can be jeeps, vans, or minibusses. Personal vehicles are allowed when visiting other tourist attractions on Tuesdays and Saturdays, not the jungle safari. This enforces discipline and respect for animals and nature.

9. Sariska Offers Several Attractions Besides the Jungle Safari

Most tourists would like to think there are only tigers. But there are other wild animals and nature in Sariska National Park. There are just as many other historical attractions that include: Sariska Palace, Kankwari Fort, Siliser Lake, Hanuman Temple, Garbahji Falls, Stargate Observatory, Moosi Maharani Ki Chatri, and many more. Choose to book a total experience of Sariska National Park with the best tour operators.

10. Always Cross-Check Your Safari Bookings

Due to the shifting nature of seasons and conservation efforts, cross-checking and confirming your Safari bookings is essential. In case you are bringing children along, remember that in the booking form, only children over 6 years old are entitled to full tickets.

11. No Alcohol, Drugs, or Intoxicants in Sariska Park

Officially, the park rules and guidelines prohibit smoking and drinking inside the park. The rules also extend to the use of drugs and other intoxicants. The rules also prohibit littering or throwing garbage on park premises.

12. No Firearms or Weapons Inside the Park

As a conservation national park, protecting and conserving animals is a priority. Carrying firearms or weapons carries heavy fines or prosecution, according to the relevant Indian Penal Sections on wildlife.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Travellers can book the seas in Jeep Safari or Canter online by using the Online Safari Booking facility at the official website of Sariska National Park. Snaptours would be doing booking on your behalf if you will choose any of our tour package to this national park.
Sariska National Park can be easily accessed by air, train and road. The nearest airport to Sariska is Jaipur International Airport which is located around 107 km. Alwar is the nearest railway station to this park located at the distance of 50 km and is well connected to the major stations of the country such as Delhi, Jaipur, Mumbai etc. You can reach Sariska through road also as it is well connected with the other parts of India.
Yes, visitors can visit Sariska in the month of July. However, during the monsoon seasons (1st July-31st September), you can enjoy the Tiger Safari only in the Buffer Zone as Core Zone remains closed.
SAs per the government report released in 2022, Sariska National Park has total 27 tigers that includes 9 tigers, 11 tigresses and 7 cubs.

Generally, the safari timings in Sariska differs from month to month. The following is the month-wise timetable for Jungle Safari:

1st April to 15th May
Morning Time: 6:00 Am to 9:30 Am
Evening Time: 3:00 Pm to 6:30 Pm
16th May-30th June
Morning Time: 6:00 Am to 9:30 Am
Evening Time: 3:30 Pm to 7:00 Pm
1st October to 31st October
Morning Time: 6:30 Am to 10:00 Am
Evening Safari Time: 2:30 Pm to 6:00 Pm
1st November to 31st January
Morning Time: 7:00 Am to 10.30 Am
Evening Time: 2:00 Pm to 5:30 Pm
1st February to 15th May
Morning Time: 6:30 Am to 10:00 Am
Evening Time: 2:30 Pm to 6:00 Pm
This park holds good diversity of animals other than tigers. These animals includes Caracal, Jungle Cat, Hyena, Leopark, Nilgai, Spotted Deer, Sambar Deer, Langur, Four-Horned Antelope etc.
Yes, you can take your own vehicle inside the tiger reserve only on Tuesdays and Saturdays for the purpose of visiting the famous temple of Pandupol Hanuman Temple. However, you cannot go for Jungle Safari through the personal vehicles as per the guidelines of the government.

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