Tourism arrivals upward trajectory in Croatia

The Croatian National Tourist Board has announced a six per cent increase in visitor arrivals for the first half of the year.

June itself saw a ten percent increase in arrivals and an eight percent increase in overnight stays when compared to June 2018.

According to data from eVisitor (which monitors turnover in commercial and non-commercial travel), Croatia had 6.88 million visitors from January to June this year, a six percent increase in total arrivals and 26.2 million overnight stays, an increase of three per cent on the previous year.

Foreign tourists to Croatia counted for 5.85 million of these arrivals and 22.93 million overnight stays.

Gari Cappelli, Croatia minister of tourism, commented: “One of the main objectives for tourism management in 2019 is to increase visitors to the destination in pre-season.

“In the past three years, we have seen a 20 per cent growth in tourist arrivals and 15 per cent growth in occupancy.

“By continuing to strengthen our promotional activities in overseas markets, we aim to achieve greater turnover in pre and post season moving forward.

“The overall growth in tourism to Croatia achieved during the first half of this year is as a result of targeted activities to promote our country as a great all-year around destination.

“Increased air traffic has also had a strong impact on tourism growth.”

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