Everything You Need to Know About Jim Corbett Safari

Everything You Need to Know About Jim Corbett Safari

People love National Parks as they will protect the natural beauty. Everyone agrees and scientifically that must be why government protect these areas. Doing certain adventurous activities not only makes you emotionally stronger but also physically strong.

Nature gives us fresh air to breathe, cleaner water, and healthy food. The absence of these things on earth can make us dead. You must have understood its importance now. Today, we are going to talk about one very significant national park.

Jim Corbett National Park. Yes, you read it right. This national park is born with the history of India. Jim Corbett National Park is renowned for the Britishers and the hunters. This place is proven pleasant vacation for nature viewing.

Are you planning for Safari trip to Jim Corbett National Park? If you are even thinking of this place, you must have complete knowledge of that place. So I am going to tell you about Jim Corbett’s Safari – Types Of Safari, and Safari Zones.

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Best Time To visit Jim Corbett, National Park

You have the flexibility to visit Jim Corbett National Park at any time of the year, but there are specific months that enhance the chances of spotting tigers and make the safari experience more thrilling. The timing of your visit also affects the overall appeal of the tour, as there are numerous places to explore within the park.

Before planning your trip to Jim Corbett, it’s important to consider the months during which each zone is open or closed. Here is a list of the zone opening periods:

  • Jhirna Zone: Open year-round.
  • Bijrani Zone: Open from mid-October to June.
  • Dhikala Zone: Open from mid-November to June.
  • Durgadevi Zone: Open from November to June.

Please note that these timings may vary and it’s advisable to verify the current information before making your travel arrangements.

If you want to know about the best time to visit Jim Corbett, we recommend you go between October to February due to the pleasant weather.

Types of Safari in Jim Corbett national park

Safari is an exceptional way to check off your bucket list of adventures. There are three types of safari in Jim Corbett national park – Jeep, Canter and Elephant.

Elephant Safari

Jeep Safari

Jeep Safari in Jim Corbett National Park is an organized tour with a total group of 6 people. It is really a lot of fun when you are going out with the family. When you have to show off some photography skills, Jeep is the way to go. This nature adventure in jeep safari is suitable for people of all ages.

Canter Safari

Canter Safari is also a good way to explore wildlife and nature. Typically, it’s an open bus having around 20 seaters. This type of safari is good when you’re going on with a large group of friends or with colleagues on office tours.

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Elephant Safari

An elephant safari is an incredible opportunity to experience the splendour of the outdoors and wildlife in Jim Corbett National Park. Elephant safari is the ideal method to see animals and the environment uniquely.

Begins at the national park’s north-eastern border at Durgadevi gate and continues along the northern border until ending at Halduparao on the north-western boundary. This tour allows you to go further into the forest and get up and personal with nature species.

How to do Online Jim Corbett Safari Booking?

The Jim Corbett National Park provides visitors with the chance to explore its different areas through Jeep Safaris or Canter Safaris. The park consists of eight zones: Bijrani, Jhirna, Dhikala, Dhela, Sitabani, Garjiya, Phato, and Durgadevi.

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When booking a safari, visitors can make reservations online. However, it’s important to note that the entire booking process is overseen by forest officers who follow the guidelines of the Indian forest department. The allocation of safari zones, drivers, and naturalist guides is determined by the forest officials and is not under our control. They have the final authority in these matters.

It’s important to mention that all zones within the park have a significant tiger population, and animal sightings are reported similarly across these zones. To ensure a fair distribution of safari vehicles across the different zones, an automated computerized system manages these factors. The system aims to maintain a balanced and fair safari experience for visitors throughout the park.

Safari Zones in Jim Corbett national park

There is a total of 10 zones which I found when I researched Jim Corbett National Park. This exclusive blog tells you about all the Safari Zones in Jim Corbett national park. To do various activities during Jim Corbett Safari, you need to explore every segment of knowledge and then should decide what you want.

Best Time to Visit Jim Corbett National Park


This famous zone of Jim Corbett National Park is located at Patli Dun Valley. Dhikala is the most popular of all the safari zones in Jim Corbett National Park as it covers the most significant area. The zone is available for Jim Corbett safari rides from mid-November until mid-July. During this period, it provides a wonderful refuge for chitals, deer elephants, and the park’s regal Bengal Tigers.


Bijrani zone is too good for catching glimpses of the king, i.e., the Royal Bengal Tiger. After Dhikala, this is the second most popular Safari Zones in Jim Corbett national park on the list. If you are really into nature, then this place will give you a serene ambience.

A good number of tigers make this zone the best sighting zone of Jim Corbett. Daytime is good at Bijrani, a total of 30 jeeps are allowed at one time.

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The best thing about Jhirna is, this place is open throughout the year. Jhirna is located in the southern part of Jim Corbett National Park.

This zone is not only known for tigers, but also for other wildlife species like elephants, deer, bears, and many more. Don’t forget about the bird species. You can only visit here within two-day shifts.


Dhela safari zone is spread over 1173 hectares. This zone is also crafted out at the southern part of forests. The forest’s diverse forest plantation, moist deciduous habitats a variety of fauna, including Sambhar Deer, or something that draws tigers due to its ease of hunting.

The Best Time to Visit Sariska National Park

Dhela zone has a watch tower for tourists for their ease of seeing wild animals. Apart from day shifts of safari, evening timings are also available here. This zone is mainly good for bird watchers. Also, it opens throughout the year.

Durga Devi

The Durgadevi zone, located in the northeastern portion of the Jim Corbett National Park, has the most stunning terrain in the park. The amazing beauty of the Durgadevi tourism zone is defined by the mountainous topography, thick green forest, and great stillness.

The zone is a bird-loving enthusiast’s delight. It is one of the park’s six ecotourism zones, & particularly well-known for being home to a huge variety of exotic birds.

Several types of animals graze these parts, enriching the serene nature and attracting a huge number of tourists each year. The Corbett Forest Department arranges day jeep safaris in this zone to enjoy the vivacity and natural beauty of this tourism zone.


Sonanadi is stretched over 301.18 square kilometres and has Shiwalik Terai supremacy. Centuries ago, even before it became a river, it is called the golden river. This zone is situated at the river bank and has elephants, leopards, cheetahs, reptiles, tigers, etc.

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Sonanadi zone is rich in both flora and fauna. Also, you will be amazed to know that both Elephant safari and jeep safari facilities are available in this zone. And it starts from three gates – Sonanadi, Kalagarh, and Vatanvasa.


Sitabani zone is located outside the area of Jim Corbett Tiger Reserve. The zone is open for everyone, which is quite lovely and has a rich natural view. You can see plenty of animals here Sambars, Nilgai, Deer, Elephants, and many more.

Sitabani zone has 600 bird species and is enjoyable for bird watchers. This zone, which is spread out over a huge region and even includes numerous localities, must be visited to experience the lovely ambience of enchanting nature.

Day, evening and even night safari are also available for this zone. One most interesting things about this zone are, private vehicles are also allowed.

Everything You Need to Know About Jim Corbett Safari


You can enter in Garjiya zone from Amandanda gate, which is 9km away from Ramnagar. The zone’s open period for Bengal tiger sightings is from 15th November to 30th June. Only morning and evening safaris are allowed. Garjiya is not so old, but a new safari zone started recently.

Garjiya always goes in competes to Dhikala tourism zone. Similarly, this zone is also very popular, with wonderful landscapes, and a very cool and calm place. Visitors come here to see its natural beauty and dense forest.


Phato Zone is a new zone, inaugurated by the Prime Minister and Uttarakhand Chief Minister on 2 January 2022, located in the northern part of Jim Corbett National Park. The number of tourists is increasing day by day is the reason for the establishment of this new photo zone.

Tigers, deers, elephants, and various types of birds are there, which you’ll surely get a chance at. Because of the densest forest in Jim Corbett National Park and Uttarakhand, jeep safaris in Phato Zone are pleasurable.

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Final Words

You now have more knowledge on Safari Zones and Types Of Safari in Jim Corbett National Park. Wherever you go, it is critical that you are accompanied by someone familiar with the area. That is why I usually recommend hiring a tour guide or an expert.

Snaptours is the best travel agency in Faridabad that offers Jim Corbett National Park tour packages from Delhi if you want to spend your holidays in Jim Corbett in a more comfortable and hassle-free manner.

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