How To Reach Ranthambore National Park

Do you know Ranthambore National Park is in the dull railway town of Sawai Madhopur? And did you know that this wildlife park is spread over 1300 square kilometres?

This place will remind you of The Jungle Book, with its lush forests, cliffs, and water holes where animals gather to drink.

There are more than sixty tigers in Ranthambore Tiger Reserve, so you can guess why it’s on everyone’s bucket list. Strangely, these animals got their natural home provided through “The Project Tiger.”

It’s a pleasure to see these endangered creatures taking a walk in the forests of Ranthambore Jungle Safari. Tourists come from all over the world to experience the majestic beauty of these animals in their natural habitat.

You might be astonished to learn that there are over 300 hamlets in and surrounding the Ranthambore Wildlife Sanctuary. The inhabitants here are able to exist without invading animal territories.

Ranthambore Tiger Reserve is not only famous for its tigers but also for its forts, royal pavilions, and temples. Today, we’re going to discuss how to reach Ranthambore National Park. Let me tell you about the itinerary so you can have a great time in the midst of nature.

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How to Get to Ranthambore Tiger Reserve

By Air

Jaipur International Airport is the nearest airport to Ranthambore Wildlife Sanctuary. International tourists can fly into Jaipur and then rent a car for the three-hour drive to Sawai Modhpur, where the park is located.

If you’re short on time and don’t mind spending money on plane tickets, this is the quickest mode of transportation available to you.

Travelers can even fly to Kota Airport (only domestic flights), which is only 135 kilometres from Ranthambore Jungle Safari.

By Train

The most convenient method to reach Ranthambore National Park is via rail. As soon as you step off the train at Sawai Modhpur Junction, you know you’re about to experience a wildlife extravaganza.

The walls of the train station are decorated with images of animals and environments inspired by Ranthambore Tiger Reserve. Furthermore, the Sawai Modhpur Junction is linked to all of Rajasthan’s and India’s major cities.

There are trains going almost every day from Jaipur and Delhi to Sawai Modhpur. The Ranthambore Jungle Safari is 18 kilometres by car or bus from the railway station.

If you’re visiting Ranthambore Wildlife Sanctuary between October and February, be sure to book your train tickets ahead of time. During the peak tourism season, a large number of visitors will visit the park to see the animals.

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By Road

The trip to Ranthambore Tiger Reserve by bus or taxi provides stunning views of the state’s natural scenery. From major Rajasthani cities, a variety of government-run and private buses operate.

If you’re feeling adventurous, you may even hire a car to take you to Sawai Modhpur and then to the park. The most usual route is from Jaipur, which is only 181 kilometres away. There are also buses from Jodhpur, Bharatpur, Kota, and Delhi.

City Distance (In Kilometres)
Jaipur 180 Km
Delhi 381 Km
Agra 239 Km
Udaipur 388 Km
Bharatpur 202 Km
Ahmedabad 640 Km
Mumbai 1231 Km

Final Words

Choosing the right transportation is very important if you want to enjoy your trip from the very beginning. If you go with security, then you will be able to enjoy yourself well with your dear ones.

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Our company’s agents make you feel like you’re getting a world-class experience. From the time of your arrival until the time you leave, they have detailed itineraries planned to help you make the most of your trip.

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