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You might think that long stays are the thing of the past, but they are not. It is true that our hectic schedule gives you time to do short getaways only, but there are many people who chunk out a long duration for doing long stays in different destinations. In this article, we’ll discuss the best longstay destinations near Delhi and tell 3 different places in each category.

Longstays Destinations In Mountains

Mountains are the perfect place where you get to spend some great time with your friends, family, and loved ones. At such locations, you are able to do much more than you can imagine. Also, you are able to experience things you never see or feel in the plains. Here are the three places that we’d suggest you visit.


This is a place that every nature lover should visit at least once. Once you come to this place, you are able to feel detached from the whole world and totally get in sync with nature. After coming here, you get to see the beauty of mother earth in the most vivacious form. Also, you are able to see a rich water body that is very beautiful and resplendent.


Kasauli is a place where you get to do many things in a very short duration. Also, it allows you to see different herbs of the mountainous regions. When you come here, you get to see many things that are totally fantastic and extraordinary in nature. At this place, you are able to see many things and experience them with many other people.


This picturesque location has been drawing a large number of tourists for a very long time. Also, it allows you to have a lovely vacation that totally drives you to explore the very nature of the hills. It enthuses you to be more explorative in nature and gives you the prospects if visit in many ways. You get totally surprised after coming here and live your life to the fullest in just a few days.

Longstays Destinations In Beaches

In India, you can visit some great beaches and get totally delighted. Also, it keeps you excited about the sand, ocean view, and many things that you find only on beaches. If you are planning to visit beaches in India, you must consider the following destinations. Spending a vacation in such a location is clearly a fact worth exciting.


It is the first place that would come to your mind when somebody would ask you to recommend a beach to visit in India. That’s because of its ethereal beauty, colorful culture, and ease of reaching. Goa shows you many things and keeps you joyful in every possible manner. You also get to meet people from many other countries here and get familiar with many spectacular things.


It is so easy and quick to reach the Maldives from India that you feel that this place is probably a part of this country. Though it is a different country altogether, you can reach the Maldives very easily and get to see some of the finest beaches in the world. This place attracts gazillions of visitors every year and gives you a chance to see the lagoon while getting a perfect view of the ocean.

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Andaman Nicobar

This place is made for true island lovers, it is an archipelago and gives you a chance to see many of them. Once you see this place, you get an idea about the vastness of this planet. It comprises an extensive chain of islands and helps you get amazed with them. At this place, you are able to quench your thirst for feeling solitude at its best.

Longstays Destinations in Wildlife

Wildlife is endlessly explorable and in India, you get to see not just wild animals but such a multifarious trek that makes you familiar with the geographical diversity of the earth. In the destinations mentioned below, you are able to see so many things and get totally amused by seeing a natural beauty. At such a location, you are able to feel the matchless thrill with some great prospects.

Kanha National Park

The beauty of this place even inspired Rudyard Kipling to write ‘The Jungle Book’. At this place, you are able to see a great number of royal Bengal tigers along with many other species that delight you with their appearance. Once you visit this reserve, you see the vastness of the jungle and its biodiversity as well.

Ranthambore National Park

It is the biggest and the most popular national park in the state of Rajasthan. It has emerged as a favorable breeding ground for tigers and various other species. Besides the big cats, it provides shelters to a large variety of insects, reptiles, and flora as well. This park helps you get better more observant about nature as well.

Jim Corbett National Park

Besides the high altitude, there are many other attributes that make this national park very special. This wildlife reserve allows you to get closer to nature with its splendid location and geographical diversification. It is also a big shelter for tigers and various other endangered species. It attracts a large number of visitors every year and helps you become aware of this county’s ecosystem.

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