What Types of Clothes Should Carry for Leh Ladakh Trip?

Leh Ladakh Trip

Ladakh allures a large number of thrill-seekers to experience the adventure. To perfectly experience this destination, you must also be geared appropriately. The seasons could be very harsh on you and it gives you a chance to experience the winds, snow, and everything else. Book Your Ladakh Trip Package With our travel agent in Faridabad.

Before you get a perfect Ladakh tour package, it is a must that you think about the season in which you’re going to visit this UT. That is important because if you are not properly dressed, the trip could become unsavory and you don’t want that.

What to wear in which month on Ladakh Trip?

November to February

In these months, this region is especially very cold and it is suggested to wear warm clothes. The jackets, beanies, and anything else that you could have to keep you warm.

March to June

This is the time when the environment gets hotter everywhere. In Ladakh too, the days are hotter and the nights are cold. It would be nice if you just pack a few things if you plan to spend the night in a tent.

July to October

The rains start and there could be cloud bursts too. So it is advised not to go right in the months when it’s raining. But once the rains stop and the water dries up, you can go on to explore the possibilities of this adventurous trip.

If you want to make this trip memorable then pack wisely. This is a hilly region but days could be surprisingly warm. And especially when you are enjoying a road trip, you may not feel a lot of colds. However, it is always wise to carry some warm clothes.

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