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Badrinath or Badrinarayana is one of the most prominent temples in North India. It is located in the town of Badrinath in Uttarakhand and is one of the Char Dham temples. Needless to mention, the temple attracts a large number of pilgrims and tourists. Due to its proximity to the Himalayan region, this place sees extreme weather conditions between the months of November and March.

It remains open for one 6 months when the roads are clear and the weather is bearable for people coming from other places of the country or world. Book Your Badrinath Yatra Tour Package Online with Snaptours.

Badrinath – A Place Where You Can Find Your Inner Self

Besides the religious context, there are so many other reasons that make this place a must-visit. The temple lies in the Garhwal hills in Chamoli district where the Alaknanda River flows. There are some other facts too that make this temple very special. One distinct fact is that the temple is situated in north India but its head priest always belongs to the Nambudiri Brahmin sect from Kerala.

The temple is run by the committee nominated by the state government under the Shri Badrinath and Shri Kedarnath Mandir Act. It also finds a mention in Skanda Purana and Vishnu Purana. Between the 6th to 9th century AD, we find a Tamil canon of Azhwar saints that extols Badrinath in their text Divya Prabandha.

On the opposite side of the temple, we find Nar Parbat and behind it, the other mountain is called Narayana Parbat. The temple is divided into three structures, the Mandap (convention hall), the Garbhagriha (sanctum), and the Darshan Mandap (worship hall). If you talk about its architecture then it has arched windows and is built of stone.

We also find intricate carvings on the walls and pillars that amuse all the spectators. In the sanctum, you have idols of Nar and Narayan, sage Narada, Kubera, and Uddhava. Besides the deities, you also find the shrines of religious gurus like Adi Shankara, Vedanta Desika, and Ramanujacharya.

All the statues are made up of black stone. In the temple, we also find the Tapt Kund, a spring considered medicinal by many pilgrims. The holt sulfur spring maintains the water temperature around 550C when the temperature outside is below 170C. Many of them also bathe in this water before visiting the temple. There are also two water ponds which are called Surya Kund and Narad Kund.

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A Place That You Must Visit At Least Once

Being one of the Char Dham Temples, Badrinath becomes a place that must be visited by all the people. In the period of every twelve years, the Kumbh Mela is organized here which attracts about 50,000 visitors. And if you want to visit this temple, then you can get the best package easily.

Snaptours gives you the best plans to visit the Badrinath temple with your family or friends. We take the onus to make your journey unforgettable. With us, you can experience the best tour of all the Char Dham temples.

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