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Puri is a major tourist attraction and religious hub in India for Hindu pilgrims. It is also known as Hilgiri, Niladri, Himachal Purushottam, Srikehetra, Jagannath Dham, Sankhakshetra, and Jagannath Puri. Puri is located in Orissa on the Bay of Bengal coast. Puri’s biggest draw for religious visitors is the shrine of Lord Jagannath. Puri’s tourist attractions include Gundicha Temple, Laxmi Temple, Totapuri Ashram, Mata Math, and Mohona. Puri’s beautiful white sandy beach entices visitors to return again and again. Puri’s main festival is the Annual Rath Yatra.

Every year, millions of people travel to Puri from all over India to witness and participate in this festival.

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Puri’s most notable festivals are the Rath Yatra and the Nabakalebara. Both of these occurrences are associated with the ruling god, Lord Jagannath. The Rath Yatra commemorates Lord Krishna’s trip from Gokul to Mathura and is held on the second day of the bright fortnight of Asadha (June-July). The picture is put on a massive chariot, which requires the efforts of hundreds of worshippers to move. Thousands of pilgrims take part in the pilgrimage, which lasts many days.

Many people may be startled to learn that the English word juggernaut, with its idea of a force crushing anything it comes across, is derived from the name Jagannath, which means “lord of the world.” The Nabakalebara festival is a huge religious event in which the idols of the three deities-Jagannath, Balabhadra, and Subhadra-change their exterior shapes.

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Following strict guidelines, new idols are carved from specially consecrated Chandan/neem trees. The ‘Daru’ (wood) is then dressed in full splendor and carried to the temple. Puri Beach Festival is held each year in early November. The event’s features include Orissan artisan, food, and cultural events.

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