Sariska Tiger Reserve

Sariska Tiger Reserve is one of the few places where you get to see some amazing places besides wildlife. After coming here, you get to see different places that help you become familiar with natural beauty as well as man-made marvels. With a travel agent in Faridabad, it is possible to have a lively tour of this place.

Sariska Tiger Reserve- Enthralling You With Adventure & Marvelous Structures

Besides seeing tigers and other creatures along with a variety of tracts, you also get in the mood to explore some other attractions. If you are at Sariska, not only do you get to see other places, but you totally make your trip unforgettable.

Places you can see after coming to Sariska

Sariska Palace

Erected in 1892 as a hunting place, this fantastic building has got turned into a luxury hotel that bemuses tourists from across the globe. Besides that, it gives you a visual treat with of the surrounding place that is so beautiful and serene.

Kankwari Fort

This fort is much more than a historical monument, it emerges as the go-to place where you can spend some quality with your friends and family. Today, it is not more than ruins, but once, it was the place where Dara Shikoh was kept captive by his brutal brother and infamous king Aurangzeb.

Hanuman Temple (Pandupol)

Pandupol is originally famous for being a temporary refuge for Pandavas during their exile. Today, thousands of devotees flock to temples to worship the revered god, Hanuman. Also, it gives you a chance to see a beautiful waterfall and become a picnic spot for many people too.

Siliserh Lake

The lake is a perfect place for families to spend a great time. It is a manmade water source that tends to the needs of a large portion of the surrounding areas. At this place, you also get to see the beauty of Aravalli hills along with the mesmerizing water body.

Neelkanth Mahadev Temple

It could be merely a temple for the locals and devotees but becomes quite a spectacle for the tourists who come to Sariska. The old structure does give you an impression of ruins but it doesn’t fail to grab your attention with grandeur and a quaint charm.

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Bhartrihari Temple

Dedicated to Yogi Bhartrihari who used to be a king before embracing sainthood, this temple does a great job of making visitors familiar with spirituality and natural beauty. After coming here, you get to see the amazing architecture done by the skilled artisans.

Stargate Observatory

It’s probably one of the very few places in India that do a bid to popularize space tourism. Once you come here, not only do you get a glimpse of space, you start to gain knowledge about the constellations and other celestial bodies.

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