Tadoba National Park – A Complete Travel Guide To Tadoba Tiger Reserve

tadoba national park

It would not be an exaggeration if we call Nagpur the “Tiger Capital of India” due to the presence of different tiger reserves in its vicinity. Tadoba National Park is one of the reserves which has been regarded as the status of Largest National Park in Maharashtra.

This national park is located in the Chandrapur district of the state. The area of the national park is spread across 645 square km and there are around 3 safari zones. You must be excited to visit this national park located in Maharashtra. So, we are here with this blog to offer you a complete travel guide to Tadoba National Park.

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Flora and Fauna at Tadoba National Park

This national park is rich in its flora and fauna. There is a dense forest in Tadoba National Park where you can see different types of trees. The common trees found here are Bamboo, Hilda, Black Plum, Teak, Dhauda, Beheda, Arjun, and Ain.

If we talk about the fauna, one of the most attractive wildlife animals is the Royal Bengal Tigers due from which the majority of visitors come here. As per the official records of the forest department, there are around 109 tigers in the core as well as buffer areas of the national park.

Apart from tigers, there are also other wildlife creatures such as leopards, striped hyenas, jungle cars, barking deer, spotted deer, Indian cobra, Indian python, nilgai, serpent eagle, peacock, different kind of spiders, etc.

Safari Zone and Gates at Tadoba National Park

There are majorly 3 Safari Zones at this national Park which are accessible through different gates as follows:

  • Tadoba Zone: This zone is widely popular as it offers diverse flora and fauna to tourists. In addition to this, there are also different scenic locations where tourists can enjoy the beauty of nature.
    This zone is accessible through four gates. You can access this safari zone at Tadoba National Park through Moharli Gate, Kolara Gate, Navegaon Gate, and Khutwanda Gate
  • Moharli (Mohurli) Zone: The Moharli Safari Zone is the best zone for spotting Royal Bengal Tigers in the national park. This zone is preferred by the majority of tourists due to the availability of good accommodation facilities. The Moharli Gate can be accessed easily from the other two zones of Tadoba National Park which are the Kolsa Safari ZoneKolsa Safari Zone.
  • Kolasa Zone: This zone is less preferred for spotting wildlife animals, however, it is highly liked for witnessing its beautiful striking forest landscapes. If you want to do the jungle safari at this zone, it can be accessed through Moharli Gate, Pangdi Gate, or Zari Gate.

Types of Safari in Tadoba National Park

  • Jeep Safari: This is one of the types of Jungle Safari at Tadoba National Park where you can opt for a jeep safari. You can either book a seat in a shared jeep or also can book an entire jeep for yourself.
    The gypsy can accommodate up to 6 tourists at a time. You can also opt out of two options available. The first option is to choose a 3 hours jeep safari to a single zone of your choice. Another option is the full-day jeep safari where you could be able to explore all the zones of the national park.
  • Canter Safari: This national park also offers the facility of Canter Safari to its tourists. A single canter can accommodate up to 20 individuals at a time. This type of jungle safari is considered as most economical due to its affordable rates as there is a shared option available.

Jungle Safari Timings at Tadoba National Park

The morning and evening times for jungle safari at the national park can slightly change as per the seasons. However, the standard time of Morning Jungle Safari would be between 6 AM to 9 AM. The standard time for Evening Jungle Safari would be between 3 PM to 6 PM.

Best Hotels & Resorts to Stay in Tadoba National Park

There is an ample number of resorts and hotels at Tadoba where you can stay while visiting this national park. All of these resorts and hotels are located close to the entrance gate of Tadoba Tiger Reserve.

By staying at these places you will be experiencing the beauty of appealing lakes, picturesque views, and ardent wildlife that will add more stars to your Tadoba trip. You can choose the accommodation as per your budget and the amenities that you require as standard, luxury, and deluxe places are available.

Some of the best resorts near Tadoba National Park are:

  • Svasara Jungle Lodge
  • Tiger Trails Jungle Lodge
  • Camp Serai Tiger
  • Irai Safari Retreat
  • Tadoba Heaven Resort
  • Tadoba Tiger King Resort

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