Jawai Leopard Camp – Things you Should Know Before Going There

Jawai Leopard Reserve

There are few places in India that can totally surprise you and Jawai is one of them. This is a small region in Rajasthan that exhibits a different picture of wildlife. In the rest of the country, you see the wild animals ensconced in thick forests but not here.

Here, you see them wandering on the granite rock and they mesmerize you with their human-friendly behaviour. With Jawai leopard camp, you can enjoy a vivid safari of this area and make it the most memorable trip of your life.

Jawai- A wildlife haven that amazes you at every glance

Leopard Safari

Since the place is mainly known for them, we ought to start with these stealthy big cats. If you know a little about wildlife, then you’ve probably heard or read that this particular species is very adaptable and that’s why you find them even in the very high alpine regions.

In Jawai, you again see an example of adaptation and assimilation. The leopards have not just found a favourable shelter in these hills, but they have also embraced the humans here. As a result, the local people consider them the guards of their local deity and never feel insecure about their lives.

Bird Sanctuary

Predominantly known for Leopards, Jawai should also be credited for providing a thriving natural environment for migratory birds. Every year, thousands of birds come here to flourish in this place with a spectacular presence.

There are many people who aren’t familiar with the act of bird watching. And even if you aren’t, this place will make you a bird love instantly. Within a few minutes of coming to the riverside, you find yourself amusingly gaping at the birds as if you’d never seen them before.

Jawai Dam

Built to control the free-flowing rivers, dams are always marvellous to look at. This dam gives you the same appeal and helps you observe the water body closely. It is also a great vantage point from where you can take some fascinating pictures of the whole region.

Once you come here, you see the sheer beauty of this place and feel totally relaxed. The cold breeze and the panoramic beauty keeps you mesmerized for a very long time. If you’re doing a safari in this area, you should definitely spend some time here sipping your favourite beverage.

Village Safari

You would be committing a big mistake if you overlook this particular activity. By meeting and seeing the lifestyle of people of the Rewari tribe here, you learn many lessons that aren’t present in any textbook. You see their means of living, occupations and daily routine.

After observing their lives, you see what it is to be closer to the wildlife. You learn to tolerate the perils of nature in the rural setup where there’s a scarcity of facilities. And yet, these people seem so satisfied with their lives and they never yearn for comfort or luxury.

Other Attractions

There are so many things to see here that will actually have to make a list to cover them all. After doing the wildlife and village safari, you should head for the hill temples first. There’s devgiri temple, kambeshwar mahadev temple, abhinav mahaveer dham, and ranakpur jain temple.

And in case you want to keep exploring the wildlife, then you can go to the next-best location which is Kumbhalgarh wildlife sanctuary. With all these adventures, Jawai keeps on the edge and keeps your adrenaline rush on a high.

Make The Most Of Your Jawai Tour

You can make the most of your Jawai tour when you choose the right kind of service provider. Here’s are talking about the resorts that provide you with a thrilling safari trip, luxurious, and delicious food at an affordable cost.

If you can find all these qualities in one resort, then you can consider your tour successful even before it starts. ‘So once you’ve made up your mind to visit this place, the next thing to do is to find a resort who could deliver precisely what you want.

Thankfully, you have so many online resources and tour operators who can help you with this. When you have this tour in your mind, you need to be focused on finding a provider who has earned the largest number of positive comments online.

Choose The Best Always

Snaptours is one of few travel agency in Faridabad that give you a great package for the whole or a group for Jawai. We are associated with one of the most renowned resorts in the area that does everything to make your tour memorable.

With us, you are able to enjoy your tour to Jawai to the fullest. We make it possible with a swashbuckling safari, luxurious glamping tents or stay, and delectable food.

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