Things to Do in Bandhavgarh National Park

Bandhavgarh is one of the national parks in India which are known for the flourishing population of tigers and their easy sighting. Span across the area of 716 square kilometers (276 sq mi), this park lets you enjoy some swashbuckling moments. Besides tigers, it’s also home to a large number of leopards, more than 250 species of birds, 80 species of butterflies and a number of reptiles.

If you book Bandhavgarh safari online, you get a chance to see them all. But before you do that, you must know what you can do at this wildlife reserve. There are so many things to explore and a large number of activities that you can enjoy here.

Things You Can Explore In Bandhavgarh National Park:-

Tiger Spotting

This is certainly on the top of your list already. Watching tigers in their natural habitat is an amazing experience and this reserve makes it easier and better. The safari takes you to all the 3 zones which are Tala, Khitoli, and Magadhi. All these areas give you a chance to see a large number of tigers.

Visit Bandhavgarh Hills

After getting a glimpse of tigers, it’s time to get mesmerized by the tract of this region. The hills of Bandhavgarh are indeed splendid and around this area too, you get to see lots of animals. The rounded hills have some vegetation on them in the rains, they look totally astounding. It’s a part of every safari tour, so you’ll definitely see this place.

Pay Homage At Shesh Shaiya

Besides getting a sneak peek of wildlife, Bandhavgarh also gives you chance to feel divine. The Shesh Shaiya is a unique monument that shows you the idol of Lord Vishnu reclining on the seven-hooded serpent known as Sheshnaag. The 35-foot long sculpture is a monolith built 10th century AD. It shows you the sheer craftsmanship of India back then.

Explore Baghel Museum

After seeing the real through your action, you might feel observing more knowledge about the tigers and this area. At Baghel Museum, you get to obtain all the insights about this reserve and its history. You get to see some rich imagery of different animals here. It’s a great place for kids as they can learn a lot from the pictures here.

See Bandhavgarh From The Sky

At Sky Waltz, you get to enjoy the 1st ever hot air balloon safari of Bandhavgarh. Needless to mention, it is an ethereal experience that should be enjoyed by everyone. The aerial view of the forest is something that you’d enjoy for a very long time. The operators ensure a safe experience and have been running the operations for many years now.

Now you know that Bandhavgarh offers much more than wildlife. So don’t wait to book your tour. Snap Tours offers you a range of packages to make your trip exciting and budget-friendly. With us, you can enjoy the wilderness at its best while experiencing a perfect stay.

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