Types Of Safaris In Jawai leopard reserve

Jawai Bandh is one of the lesser-known gems of wild India. At this place, you are able to able to witness a harmonious bond between leopards and humans. While this itself is a very astounding experience, Jawai has a lot more to offer. At this place, you can experience many types of safaris.

So once you’ve made up your mind, check your Jawai bandh safari booking very carefully. Besides giving you an enthralling glimpse of wildlife, this place amuses many other things. It enables you to see so many things in a single trip. So let’s dive right into the quintessential Jawai experience.

Leopard Safari

The flagship attraction of Jawai is its leopard safari which never fails to give you goosebumps. Witnessing these solitary and stealthy big cats roaming about the hills is certainly a spectacle to behold. You may even see them hunting or playing with their cubs in the open. Leopards are the apex predators of this area which allows them to stroll freely.

Jungle Safari

Upon descending the hills, you get to see the jungle area from where the leopards find their hunt. You can find a large number of species here including nilgai, deer, beer, wild cats, wolves, etc. In this area, you find some very splendid creatures who add more beauty to Jawai’s wilderness.

Tribal/Village Safari

After feeling the thrills, it is time to enjoy the serene environment of the village. Here, you meet some very crafty indigenous people who embraced all the woes of wilderness. You see their talent in pottery, cattle rearing, and farming, and get to enjoy their food too. The villagers welcome their guests with all the enthusiasm and warmth that the city folks find unusually amusing.

Jawai Dam Visit

Jawai Dam is one of the prime attractions as it’s a great vantage point that offers a picturesque view of the whole area. You can also enjoy the morning or evening tea while feeling the light breeze and watching the tranquil river. It is indeed an experience that you relish the memories of for a long time.

Bird Watching/Crocodile Safari

Jawai is also a very popular destination for birdwatching as it welcomes more than 100 species of birds every year.  And you don’t have to wander in many areas to do that. You get to see them right at the Jawai river. And at the same place, you also get to watch crocodiles as they get plenty of food here.

At Jawai, you get to see wildlife like no other. From the hills to leopards, everything in this place is different from the rest of the reserves of the country. Furthermore, it lets you experience so many things in just one tour. So if you’re looking for a unique adventure, come to Jawai.

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