Types of Safari in Ranthambore National Park

Many visitors came in search of the biggest national parks in northern India. Ranthambore National Park is one of them, as well as one of the most renowned wildlife sanctuaries. The nearby city of Jaipur is about 130 kilometers from Sawai Madhopur district.

People come here to see the most popular hunting grounds, the ‘Maharajas of Jaipur’. A large number of tourists are attracted by the wildlife safaris in this southeastern part of Rajasthan. Do you know about wildlife safaris in Ranthambore National Park?

The incredibly diverse wildlife and resplendent beauty of nature attract more people here. It is essential to observe the natural world by taking a safari trip in Ranthambore. Safari has many types, but there are mainly two available in this place, Jeep and the Canter.

Let’s Explore The Types of Safari in Ranthambore National Park in this detailed blog. As a result, you will understand what you should choose for your trip.

Explore The Wildlife Safari

This blog will tell you how to plan your trip to this place and what kind of safari you should choose. Generally, it depends on how many members you’re taking on this Ranthambore Wildlife Safari Tour.

Jeep Safari

The Jeep Safari is a typical 6-seater vehicle. You can go on this safari with your family or a small group of friends. Normally, jeep safaris are to be booked in advance, and in some cases, urgent jeep safaris can also be arranged. Jeep Safari can be accessed from October to June.

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Canter Safari

The Canter Safari is for large groups of people, as it’s a 20-seater vehicle. You can opt for a canter safari when you are going there with many family members or on an office tour. Canter Safari also has the same system as Jeeps; they need to be booked in advance. But it can also be accessible for ‘Tatkal Safaris’. It can be escorted between October and June.

Final Words

Observing wildlife animals on these safaris is an exciting tour for wildlife enthusiasts. By concluding this blog, we get to know more about the types of safari in Ranthambore National Park.

Whether you choose Jeep Safaris or Canter, you will have a great experience with your loved ones. You may be planning your trip well, but the place is new for the visitors. It will be better for you to hire experts who will guide you on your trip for better enjoyment.

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