Why Jawai Bandh is Famous for Wildlife Safari in Rajasthan

Jawai is one of the most preferred habitat places for leopards due to its favorable climatic conditions. Apart from Leopards, there is a variety of wildlife present near Jawai Bandh which makes it an ideal place for enjoying a wildlife safari in Rajasthan.

There are numerous reasons why Leopards prefer to stay near Jawai Bandh. One of the reasons is that there is an ample number of granite hills in the surroundings of Jawai Dam due to which Leopards are easily finding caves to live. There are more than 70 leopards at present in this area.

Easy Access to Wildlife

The growing tourism is a catalyst that is bringing more money and job opportunities to the area, which is fantastic news for those who protect forests. Due to the abundance of things to see, this region will draw a lot of visitors to Rajasthan.

In addition to leopards, you may witness crocodiles and more than 100 different kinds of birds here. In addition, there is a tonne of other adventurous activities such as Jungle Safari, visiting nearby Jawai Dam, enjoying the vibrant culture of Rajasthan in nearby villages etc.

Leopards are Co-Existing With Humans

There haven’t been any attacks reported here, and people and wildlife live side by side in perfect harmony. Generally speaking, leopards never attack people anywhere in the globe; instead, they always target animals that are smaller than them.

As a result, it is simple to follow their trails without worrying about being attacked, and it is simple to identify and photograph them while enjoying Jungle Safari in Jawai. They are perched on the rocks at Jawai and people do not affect them at all.

Because you can view them up close in Jawai, it is also a safer location for safaris. If you want to experience the thrill and fully explore nature, Jawai becomes the ideal location.

Ample Number of Comfortable Staying Options

There is ample number of comfortable places to stay near Jawai Bandh. Some of the most famous resorts are Cheetagarh Resort & Spa, Brij Jawai Resort, Sujan Jawai Resort and Bijapur lodge.

All of these staying alternatives come fully furnished with contemporary conveniences that are ideal for maximizing their visitors’ enjoyment in creative ways. Their modern suite accommodations are ideal for a stay close to the Jawai Leopard Reserve.

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