Top Things to Do in Sariska National Park

Sariska is one of the most famous national parks in Rajasthan. One side of the park is covered by Aravali hills and is covered with lush vegetation. Bengal tigers live here, along with temples and other landmarks. Are you trying to find activities in Sariska? Don’t let the sanctuary serve as your only source of entertainment. There are many Things to Do in Sariska National Park, and we’ve listed some of the best ones for you to do and see, like the sanctuary.


This tiny community is close to the animal sanctuary’s entrance. Driving through the woodland and seeing tigers and panthers are both well-known attractions in this region. The car must maintain the permitted speed in the area and no horns are permitted. On this journey, you can see a lot of animals. The trail is open by six in the morning, and this is the best time to climb the mountain because it is simpler to see animals in the morning. After six o’clock at night, vehicles cannot be on the route.

Temple of Bhartrihari

Hindu ceremonies, meditation, and yoga are practiced here. The location will be lush and attractive due to the thick vegetation if you arrive in the early winter. The tiger reserve is 30 kilometers from this temple. The temple has traditional Rajasthani architecture. A local spiritual guru named Yogi Bhartrihari Nath is buried in the shrine.

Sariska Nature Reserve

The robust Bengal Tiger population in this wooded area is well known at this place. In addition to the national animal, other animals that can be seen include jackals, hyenas, jungle cats, wild boars, monkeys, deer, and Indian leopards. Many different bird species can be seen in the region at sunrise or dusk. Indian eagle owls, golden-backed woodpeckers, whitethroat kingfishers, Indian peafowl, and many other species are among the best birds to see. A space research facility, Hanuman temple, Kankwari fort from the 16th century, Sariska Palace, Bhangarh ruins, and many other attractions may be found inside the sanctuary’s perimeter. From July to the end of September, the park is closed. So, you need to make the plans accordingly.

Top activities one can enjoy in Sariska National Park

  • You can enjoy the historic view of forts, palaces and temples.
  • Enjoy the jeep safari
  • You can also visit Pandupole which is a waterfall inside the Sariska National Park.
  • Enjoy boating on the lake.
  • If you want to be close to nature and the beautiful picturesque, you can stay in the wildlife resorts.
  • Bhangarh is also a great attraction near the tiger reserve

If you want to visit this place, we recommend that you visit during the summer season. Never choose the rainy season as the reserve is closed at that time. And due to the slippery ground, most of the trekking routes will be banned at the time.

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