Jawai Leopard Sanctuary ia a Leopard Reserve in Rajasthan

Have you ever seen a real leopard? But where? Is that something from the zoo? Or at a leopard reserve? On that note, it must be an adventurous experience. Do you know some fun facts? Leopards are powerful cats with a quick and secretive nature, and they hunt at night.

Did you know this earlier? Well said: “Life is like the leopard’s den, and once you find you’ve fallen in, a safari of the heart surely comes to an end.” Burleigh Drummond

Have you ever visited a leopard safari? like Jawai Leopard Reserve.

Leopards are somewhat different in comparison with other big cats in many aspects. like they are lightweight, more agile, antisocial, and smaller in size. However, when you arrive at the Jawai Leopard Sanctuary, you will be surprised by their familiarity with humans.

Let’s explore more of this leopard reserve. Jawai Bandh, located in the Pali district, has a rich history, and the government has designated the area surrounding Jawai Bandh as the Jawai Leopard Conservation Reserve.

Jawai is no less than heaven, and you will become a wildlife lover and enthusiast if you even once visit the Jawai Leopard Sanctuary. The Jawai area is rich in flora and fauna. Whether you are a wildlife admirer or not, one thing I can say for sure is that there is no better place to spot the migratory species of several animals and birds than here. Which encompasses the leopard, hyena, sloth bear, Indian fox, Indian boar, chinkara, etc.

Get out of your normal busy life and have an adventurous trip to the Jawai Leopard Sanctuary.

Looking at animals will keep your mind diverted. In that case, you should not pass up the chance to witness something incredible. With its blend of multiple species, Jawai provides you with a lot of things to see and transforms your trip into a dreamlike adventure. This is due to its unique tract that includes a wide variety of animals and plants, which sets it apart from all other Indian forest reserves.

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Along with the lush green trees, the region is home to various animals living in caverns. Why is Jawai Leopard Sanctuary different? Why should you visit there? Let’s see! Learn about the Leopards who live in the cave. These big cats discover shelter in the trees in every other leopard sanctuary in the country.

Nonetheless, Jawai presents you with granite hills as well as a river; this is not the traditional jungle that we usually see and visit. These geographic features make this location perfect for photographing and documenting animals in their natural habitat without any disturbance. It becomes an absolute holiday destination for adventure seekers, bird watchers, and wildlife photographers.

Leopard Sightings at Any Time of Year

Are you aware of the fact that most leopard reserves in India have a high chance of getting a glimpse of these big cats during a specific season? Still, this is not the case with Jawai Leopard Sanctuary, as you can get the thrill of seeing leopards there throughout the year.

Leopards can rest somewhere the sun doesn’t come out, and when that happens, they spend time mostly outside and enter only when they need to sleep. In winter, they even come out into the sun and go to caves after having enough heat, eating, and hunting. Mostly, it is quite easy to find them as they move on the hills, not in dark forests.

Jawai Jungle Safari: Land of Leopards and Humans

Can you imagine roving around with leopards in the same area without any fear? Doesn’t it sound like a fairy tale? If you are thinking of such a place, then it is none other than Jawai, where humans and leopards have been living together for a long time.

Jawai Dam and its surroundings are among the few places in the world where you can witness the friendly and familiar relationship between humans and leopards. A jungle safari in Jawai is a whole new experience full of thrills and adventure because of this incredible bond between humans and these big, obedient cats.

The purposes that have earned this forest reserve the title of “Jawai Jungle Safari: A Land of Leopards and Humans” are as follows:

  • Here, they were safe from the tigers that chased them out of the bushes and the wild dogs and hyenas that often stressed them.
  • There is plenty of food in the surrounding forests, and there is a wide range of hills with many caves in them.
  • Because of their tendency to adapt, leopards are the most widely dispersed species of big cats. The river provided water, and the many wild animals in the Jawai Leopard Sanctuary were easy food for them. So it did not take long for them to become familiar with the steep hills of the area.
  • The Rabari tribe is highly devoted to conserving the leopards in the area. If you read the history of Jawai Dam and its surrounding area. You will come to know about the positive contribution of this tribe in increasing the population of leopards in this area.


Plan your trip to Jawai Leopard Sanctuary Book your Jawai Tour Packages with Snaptours. where you can experience Jawai Leopard Safari in such an adventurous way that it will be beyond your imagination. We are sure that after visiting this place nestled in the lap of nature. Your mind will be left with unforgettable memories for a lifetime.

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